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We accept cash, credit card, and debit card payments. A $1.50 fee will be added to all credit and debit card transactions. Gift cards may be purchased in advance and used at your leisure.


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How to prepare your Motif massage

Getting a massage at Motif Spa is a relaxing and wonderful experience. A good massage can not only help reduce stress level, but also help you detox. Knowing how to prepare for  a massage at Motif Spa will make your massage experience easy and smooth. 

Before Massage

Motif Spa welcomes both walk-ins and reservations. However, as Motif becomes more people's favorite, getting a massage at certain time could be challenging. You can simply give us a call and make your reservation. We will be very glad to save the spot for you.

Having a general idea of your massage goals will be helpful. Those goals could be getting the knots out of your back, general musical relaxing, relief back pain or as simple as wanting to find some quiet place to reflect. Having a general thought will help us customize your massage when you come in the spa.

Always remember to wear loose clothing. Soft shorts are recommended for both men and women. Wearing shorts can make stretching your legs easier and you will feel relieved when our masseuses stretch your legs to your limit. For men, we will ask if you want to remove your shirt during the massage. If so, wear something that can easily be removed such as a T-shirt or tank-top. For ladies, we will ask you if our masseuses can lift up your shirt and unhook your bra to do your back with lotion. If you would like to use lotion, we will recommend that you wear a sports bra.

Be on time. Arriving 5 to 10 minutes before your appointment can help you settle down. Study shows that you will have a hard time to relax if you arrive in a stressful rush.

The last and most important thing is to prepare your mood. Try to avoid any negative thoughts, leave your emotions behind, and carry your positive and peaceful mind.

 During the massage

Before our masseuses take you in, our welcoming receptionist will assist you with filling out a body chart where you can chose you massage pressure, if you want to move your shirt, and spots you want to focus and avoid.

Depending on the kind of massage you choose, our masseuses will follow their routine as well as your customized body chart to do your massage. Take a deep breath and relax yourself as much as possible. Our masseuses will use a big towel to cover your body, as well as use a small towel to cover your eyes. While listening to meditation music, it’s time to go into sleep mood and enjoy your massage.

Motif Spa provides several types of massage services. The most popular one is the 30 minute foot massage, plus 30 minute body massage for 30 dollars. This affordable massage will provide you with even distribution on both your feet and body. If your work requires you to stand or walk all the time such as nurse, cashier, banker, we recommend this massage. If you are pregnant, you definitely want to get your feet massaged to reduce the pressure on your ankle.  

Along with this foot and body combo, 60 minutes full body deep tissue massage is also our customer’s favorite.  This massage spends the entire 60 minutes on your neck, shoulders, upper back, lower back, arms, and legs. If you have lower back pain, sore spots, tight shoulders, or you did not have a deep tissue massage for a long time, 60 minutes full body deep tissue is definitely your choice.

 After Massage

After getting your massage done, do not move and rush to get up. Getting up too fast may lead to dizziness. Taking your time and moving slowly will extend your enjoyable time.

At Motif Spa, we always ask our customers if they want a cup of water or hot tea after massage. Our massage oil has a “detox” effect, however, this can dehydrate you. Drinking a cup of water or tea is always a good idea to help you keep hydrated.

If you feel some soreness right after the massage or next day, do not be panic, it is perfectly normal. The soreness is caused by lactic acid resolving and flooding into your system. The cure for this is to drink a lot of water to flush it out of you body.

Last, if you are satisfied with our service, please leave some tips for our masseuses since tips are a big part of their income. Also, don't forget to give us a nice review on social media, such as Yelp and facebook, to help more people discover our spa.




The Secret of 20 Dollars Day Spa Massage Industry

  If you Google “Massage Near Me” or drive around any city in California, you will find massage parlors and day spas at almost every corner of the street.  If you decide to walk inside one of them and order a 20 dollar massage, you may surprisingly like it more than you expected. While the price may be cheap, the services are still high quality.

  However, if you show your appreciation by tipping them 5 dollars, you may notice the whole situation suddenly changed. If lucky, you will hear your masseuses speak a foreign language to their colleagues or they may give you an unamused look. If you’re not so lucky, they may ask you for a higher tip. You might be thinking that 5 dollars, which is 25 percent of the service price, is good enough.

  The question is, why is a 25 percent tip not enough for those masseuses?  Are they greedy? Are they underpaid? Or could there be other reasons?

  Back in the early 2000s, Asian massages, especially the Chinese foot massage, came to the US and soon became the most popular massage. More and more people started to like going to foot massage parlors and getting massages there. One can argue those massage parlors become a part of many peoples’ lives. Since the customer base continues to grow, lots of people obtain their massage certificate and then dive into the industry. Because opening a massage parlor does not require a huge investment, many people try to open their own spa in hopes of making their American Dream come true. After all, low service prices attracts a huge customer base. In addition, the low requirement to get into the industry leads to massive amounts of massage parlors and Asian spas everywhere.

  Because of the low prices, spas have to get more customers in order to make a profit. As a result, the whole industry becomes a low margin, high volume industry. Even with high volume customers consistently coming to the business, masseuses do not make much compared to those who work at fancy massage places such as Massage Envy and Burke Williams even though they have the same certificates.

Most people then think, if they have the same certificates why don’t the masseuses work for Massage Envy or Burke Williams?  We have asked this same question to our employees here at Motif Spa. The biggest obstacle preventing them to work at those places is the language barrier. Even though they can provide good quality services, they cannot communicate as efficiently as needed. Communication skills are a big part of a fancy spa’s advantage, which customers are willing to pay a higher price for.

Now let’s go back to the topic regarding tips. Why a 5 dollar tip for a 20 dollar massage is still not enough. We countered this problem when we first opened Motif Spa. Because of this problem, we had to part ways with many great masseuses throughout the years. When we asked the masseuses, they said that unlike restaurant servers who take care of 8 to 10 tables at a time, most masseuses provide private services to individuals and they contribute the whole hour to only that one person. Yet with servers, even if every table gives them 2 dollars, they can still earn at least 15 to 20 for an hour. Since tips are huge part of the masseuses’ income, they think, if the customers liked their work, they deserve more than 5 dollars.

  However, the masseuses also said, they know that tips are basically  gifts from customers and understand if someone does not tip due to poor quality of  services. What they do not like is people claiming they received the best service, yet give little to no tip.

After discussing with many massage therapists, we finally sorted out tipping guidelines. If it’s your first visit and you request a 20 dollar foot massage spa in the San Jose area, a 10 dollar tip for 1hour foot massage is encouraged but only if they provide high quality work. For a 1 hour deep tissue massage, tips could be a little bit more, but it depends on how you feel about the massage. If you find the right person who can become your personal favorite therapist, 15 dollars or more is encouraged. We here at Motif Spa show our love to the youth and elders; any amount from them will be perfectly fine. Please note that these guidelines are based on high quality services. Thus, if you are not satisfied with the service, you do not have to leave anything.  We compared our prices with fancy places like Massage Envy and found that even if customers paid 20 dollars plus 10 dollars tips for a foot massage, it is still 50% cheaper than their services.

Keep these tip guidelines in mind and we guarantee that no matter which massage spa you visit, you will get high quality services with a happy smile from your therapist.



The Motif Story

After a full day of surfing, Ron and Ray love relaxing at massage spas. They would like the masseuses to focus on certain areas, without touching the injured area. (That is assuming they have great surfing skills and didn’t end up hurting many areas.) However, most of the foot and body massage spas in San Jose did not think to address those concerns and instead just gave them a standard massage. While the massages were good, there is a lot of room for improvement in order to give customers a pleasant experience.

After one year of market research and space hunting, in 2011, Ron and Ray finally decided to open Motif Spa at 4980 Cherry Ave San Jose, CA 95118. Motif Spa later became hundreds, if not thousands, of people’s favorite massage place. Many of the fans introduced Motif Spa to their friends and family as the best massage spa.

During the 7 years of serving the San Jose community, we constantly adjust our direction as needed. We try our best to make sure our customers are happy and that our employees enjoy working at Motif Spa. We are also glad to hear so many positive feedbacks as well as critique to help improve our location. Even after rent increasing several times and other expensive increases, Motif Spa tries its best to keep the prices low because we believe that a good massage does not need to be expensive. We are very grateful that we have many loyal customers like yourselves that support our business. We will keep doing what we believe and try our best to give the best service to every customer.