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Monday - Sunday
10:00AM - 10:00PM

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  Easter Sunday - Closed
  Thanksgiving Day - Closed
  Christmas Eve - Close at 6:00PM
  Christmas Day - Closed



Motif Spa

4980 Cherry Ave
San Jose, CA 95118


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The Motif Story

After a full day of surfing, Ron and Ray love relaxing at massage spas. They would like the masseuses to focus on certain areas, without touching the injured area. (That is assuming they have great surfing skills and didn’t end up hurting many areas.) However, most of the foot and body massage spas in San Jose did not think to address those concerns and instead just gave them a standard massage. While the massages were good, there is a lot of room for improvement in order to give customers a pleasant experience.

After one year of market research and space hunting, in 2011, Ron and Ray finally decided to open Motif Spa at 4980 Cherry Ave San Jose, CA 95118. Motif Spa later became hundreds, if not thousands, of people’s favorite massage place. Many of the fans introduced Motif Spa to their friends and family as the best massage spa.

During the 7 years of serving the San Jose community, we constantly adjust our direction as needed. We try our best to make sure our customers are happy and that our employees enjoy working at Motif Spa. We are also glad to hear so many positive feedbacks as well as critique to help improve our location. Even after rent increasing several times and other expensive increases, Motif Spa tries its best to keep the prices low because we believe that a good massage does not need to be expensive. We are very grateful that we have many loyal customers like yourselves that support our business. We will keep doing what we believe and try our best to give the best service to every customer.

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